Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Dusun Tindal Costume

This colourful and seldom-seen costume belongs to the Dusun Tindal in the Tempasuk area near Kota Belud. The first time this bridal outfit was shown outside its district was at the 1991 Cultural Pageant.Like most of Sabah's traditional costumes, it's basic black with splashes of colour here and there. This two-piece outfit consists of a long-sleeved blouse (sinipak ) and a knee-length sarong (gonob ).
The sleeves of the blouse have hand-embroidered panels on the upper arms. Just at the elbows, the sleeves are slashed, extended and several pieces of other coloured cloths are sewn in. Layers of black cloth with gold trimmings (sunduk do sunalatan ) are draped over the right arm.
Then, a pair of red-hued sashes cross over at the front of the blouse while around the shoulders a dastar cloth is transformed into a wide draping collar (selindang lolopot ).
The gonob or sarong is made from cloth woven by the Dusun Tindal themselves using yarn from processed pisang lanut (Musa textilis).
Adorning this costume are rows and rows of antique beads strung together to form a wide belt (kinokogis ) that stretches from the waist down to mid-thigh. On top of the kinokogis, four silver dollar coin belts (sinipogot ) are worn.
Other antique jewellery items worn with this costume are several pieces of hand-engraved silver bangles (saring pirok ) on each arm, silver earrings and hand-engraved silver pouches with chains (kiupu ) worn around the neck.
This Dusun Tindal bridal costume, along with the silver jewellery, weighs about eight kilograms and costs more than M$11,000. 

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