Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ka'andaman Traditional Healing Garden

The ideal setting within the scenic surroundings of the traditional homes to the ethnic groups in Sabah, Malaysia enhances Ka'andaman's charms as a traditional healing garden. Ka'andaman, which means "memory" or "remembrance", in the Kadazan language, aptly describes the place and the feeling of every guest will sense after a visit. Each experience will have you reminisce for more.

Ka'andaman reawakens the mind and rekindles the soul, from its simplistic exterior to the Asian-inspired interior; from its friendly and helpful Spa Assistants to the trained and experience Spa Therapist; from its revitalizing aromatherapy to the signature spa treatment. Ka'andaman is a haven for the mind and spirit where one can soothe aches and pains away with a gentle massage, soak in a restful milk bath or re-energize with a ginger compress treatment that improves blood circulation.

A visit to Ka'andaman relieves stress, ease tired muscle, revives the mind and strengthens the body. The unhurried experience of a luxurious afternoon here leaves one reminiscing the idyllic Borneo days.

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