Sunday, October 10, 2010

Twinsky Seafood Restaurant

Twinsky Seafood Restaurant specialize in serving  fresh seafood is one of the longest in history since it started 25 years ago. The restaurant is famous by its pleasant environment and obviously of its massive quantity of various types of live seafood, such as lobsters, prawns, fishes, shell and even vegetables. 

Lots of tourists from Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Japan, Europe etc who dined here gives high appraisal to their chef. By just looking at the dishes already stir up your eating desires and the tasted is just unique, no way else can cook alike.  

When you come to Twinsky Seafood Restaurant, you must try their specialities like lobsters soup, big prawns, steam crabs etc.....

So, come today to try their fresh live seafood and enjoy a joyful and unforgettable feast of fresh live seafood.

       > >SERVE NO PORK<<

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